Tomilake was founded by CEO Tom Chen. It has a new production base of 40,000 square meters and has obtained ISO14001 and ISO9001 double certification. As a high-quality integration supplier of underfloor heating system, Tomilake is specialized in the research and development, production and sales of components for UFH.

Давуу тал

The factory's independent production lines cover stamping, injection moulding,cold punching, machining, pipe production, electronic workshop, and assembly. It strictly implements 6S modern enterprise management Creates a clear chain of responsibility, forms an effective production management network. 


Different from tradition, TOMILAKE's innate pioneering spirit urges us to innovate products continuously , pour the concepts of unique innovative technology and safe intelligence into product designs, and wholeheartedly provide end users excellent products full of warmth.

Brand culture

Deeply cultivating the HVAC industry, creating a trusted brand with ingenuity. Since ancient times, humans have not stopped their pirsuit of the living environment.

QC system

All the raw materials are requested to be placed in the waiting area. After 100% inspecting, the qualified materials are put into raw material warehouse.