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PE-RT 3 layers
<p style="text-align: justify; ">The role of oxygen barrier floor heating pipe: To slow down the formation of scale and microorganisms on the inner wall of the pipeline. Oxygen entering the pipeline can easily form scale with the calcium, magnesium and sodium plasma in the water. The high oxygen content in the water makes it easy to produce green algae and other substances. These two substances will accumulate on the inner wall of the pipe, affecting heat dissipation of the floor heating pipe system. Besides, it can delay aging of the floor heating piping system, slow down the corrosion of metal pipe fittings and equipment, and reduce the number of maintenance and cleaning of the floor heating system. Material : Dow Chemical, CONSTAB, LyondellBasell, KurarayOperating temperature: 0℃-95℃Operating pressure : 16-25kgSize: DN10X1.2 DN12X1.5 DN14X1.8 DN16X20 DN20X2.0 DN25X2.8 DN32X3.6<br></p>